Are more people doing it?

Are they? You know? Doing the thing? The thing I’ve been trying to encourage? Talk about race?

I realise now that when I set out on this blog of mine, I set an objective that I couldn’t measure. Rookie error!

I know I’ve talked a lot. And I’ve talked with lots of people too. I’ve chatted with friends, made new contacts and friends for life, shared some inspirational people’s voices. But what’s happening out there beyond my circle? Are more people talking about race? That’s the big question.

Having celebrated the first anniversary of Oo! That’s A Bit Racey! I’ve given some thought to how I can spark more conversations. I still think talking is key to equality.


I’ve set up a Facebook Group with friends and members of the Oo! That’s A Bit Racey! community, to pose questions and chat about them.

I’ve started recording some of my blog posts to set up a podcast for people who prefer to listen than read.

I’ve begun building a Pinterest project (harder than it seems!)

And, most importantly, I’m keeping going. Reading and writing will always be my go-to methods of learning and communicating, that’s just me, but I’m going to try and be more accessible to more people. An anti-racist society isn’t built overnight and the more people who are working their way towards it the better.

So this quick post is to share my plans and to thank you for being part of the conversation so far. I hope you’ll join me on the next legs of the journey. And, as always, get in touch, I love to hear from you! You’ll find me here, on Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn (and coming soon, Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest!)

Published by clairebale

Mixed-race Brit on a journey to learn, explore and understand more about society, equality and race. A marketer, educator and feminist, and a committed ally to everyone wanting to do more to make positive change in the world.

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