Well, that wasn’t so bad

It’s been a week since I “went public” with my blog and I want to follow up on my “Why So Shy” post, where I explained how uncomfortable it felt to put this out there, but concluded with my understanding that racism was more important that my discomfort. Well it’s funny, because I don’t feelContinue reading “Well, that wasn’t so bad”

She knew she was trouble….

A review of Darling, by Rachel Edwards Ooooo this was a goodie! A proper page turning, couldn’t put it down, thriller! The truth is, I wouldn’t have read anything by Rachel Edwards before I recently committed to a year of reading books written only by authors of colour. The reason is simply because I’d neverContinue reading “She knew she was trouble….”

Dominicana – my first, but not my last, Angie Cruz.

The second read for my ‘Are You Read-Y for This’ book club, chosen by an inspirational friend and colleague, was Dominicana, by Angie Cruz. Thank goodness for book club, because I’m ashamed to say I would never have known about it otherwise. I have never read this author before – but I suspect I wouldContinue reading “Dominicana – my first, but not my last, Angie Cruz.”

My Summer project just got extended….

When I started reading and learning more about racial inequalities and the issues that need to be addressed across society, I purposely started reading more novels and non-fiction books by Black authors. I committed to a Summer of authors of colour. That soon extended to a year because I’m getting so much out of it.Continue reading “My Summer project just got extended….”