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The I and the System

It’s been a big week (again) in the world of anti-racism here in the UK. After the England male football team’s last minute defeat in the Euro final, three Black players received a torrent of racist abuse. In actual fact, these players receive racist abuse every day, but this week it’s been particularly high profile. …

Four (dangerous) reasons

It’s coming up to Oo! That’s A Bit Racey!‘s first birthday. Happy birthday to my treasured project and beloved pastime. I’m a sucker for getting reflective on a birthday, so I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learnt in the last year of my musings and scribbles.

Bloom, Flow, Celebrate

Have you ever followed an Instagram account, because you love the vibe, the aesthetic and the messaging, and then you meet the person behind it and find yourself loving it even more? Well that happened to me when I met Deshaun from Bloom & Flow.

A is for Anti-Racism

This is my fabulous friend, Caroline. We’ve spent much of our twenty-odd year friendship jabbering away, swapping books and putting the world to rights, usually over a bottle of wine. She’s interesting and interested, so I was keen to bring her into the Oo! That’s a Bit Racey! conversation. Last week, Caroline kindly agreed to …


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Hi, I’m Claire Bale. Welcome to my blog. A space for openness, honesty, discussion and learning. A space where no subject is taboo and no question’s a stupid question. Where I, as a British, mixed race woman in her 40s, explore some of subjects whizzing around my head, at a time when I’ve never known so much discourse and discovery about race.

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